THE NEW ROBOT BM2 - IRB 1600 6 / 1.45


Robots help manufacturing industries improve productivity, quality and safety. For these reasons, Biemmedue, a company projected to the future, headquartered in Cherasco, Cuneo, in the Piedmont Region, which deals with heating with the Arcotherm line, Cleaning with the Arcomat line and dehumidification with the Arcodry line, installed In the welding department, a new Robot joins the others already present in other areas of production: the ABB Robot type IRB 1600 6 / 1.45 with 6 servo-controlled axes, including:

-unità di controllo IRC5 tipo Single Cabinet

-software di programmazione RobotWare 5

-unità di programmazione portatile FlexPendant etc.

E’ stato anche dotato di un allestimento robot di saldatura C.M.T. (Cold Metal Transfer).



Biemmedue is very attentive to any new technology and thus aligns itself with a very important Trend in our country: Italy is in fact the top ten of the world's largest industrial robot manufacturers, according to data from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) Which recognizes our country's sixth place in the world rankings behind China, South Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany.

In fact, the robotics market places Italy among the world's excellence, giving it a privileged position not only in the world rankings but also in the European one: according to IFR data, Italy is also the second European manufacturer of industrial robots After Germany, with a share of 6,000 and 700 sold units, against the 20,000 German.)

You can see the New Robot Bm2 on the Biemmedue Official Youtube page by clicking HERE