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Industrial cleaning of machine tools and plants

Machinery and work environments subject to both maintenance and industrial cleaning work have a greater longevity than others. The costs for industrial cleaning are aimed at improving the production activity. With this in mind, Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, in the Province of Cuneo, has given great importance to the design, manufacture and distribution of machines and equipment dedicated to the Cleaning World, becoming a reality not only solid in the entire Piedmont Region And in the rest of Italy, but a real World Leader in Industrial Cleaning, named Arcomat. We have repeatedly stressed, because it is a concept in which we believe that the attention that has been addressed to the work environment in a global way for several years has to understand many aspects.

Industrial cleaning is divided into various interventions:


  • Washing and degreasing of the flooring: in the mechanical industries most of the machines work with the use of lubricating oil, some of which inevitably ends with the deposition on the floor. An adequate industrial cleaning operation with the products of the Bicomedat line of Arcomat prevents any accidents due to soil slippage.
  • Washing glazed areas and transparent panels in safe segregation areas: dirty glazed windows, in addition to giving an inevitable sense of general degradation, decrease the natural light input. Periodic cleaning, easily carried out with BM2 branded Arcomat cleaning products, contributes to the containment of energy expenditure.
  • Cleaning workstations
  • Industrial cleaning of machine tools and plant and equipment: All the products available today at the Biememdue cleaning service in its Arcomat line allow you to work directly on machine tools without using detergents but only low pressure water and high Temperature or even using the same lubricant cooler used in the machining process, ensuring that no electrical parts are damaged.

In the company's modern concept industrial cleaning is considered an integrated manufacturing process, its planning is a means of achieving the goal of a more secure and comfortable work environment and a modern, dynamic, efficient company image. Biemmedue has been operating in this field for years to offer today a wide range of industrial cleaning products that you can view by clicking HERE.