Biemmedue dehumidifiers, also known as Arcodry, a company located in Cherasco, Cuneo, in the heart of Piedmont and the famous Langhe and Roero, are stand-alone appliances that run without the need for installation by simply plugging them into a power supply.
The dehumidifier consists of a closed loop containing an ecological refrigerant fluid having the following main elements:

(N ° 2 - Fig. 1) compressor: determines the circulation of the coolant fluid

(N ° 3 - Fig. 1) condenser: in this element, physically similar to the car radiator, the fluid in the gaseous state pushed by the compressor turns into liquid by yielding heat; Such heat heats the condenser itself

(N ° 5 - Fig. 1) capillary tube: in this element the fluid, which has become liquid, expands by reducing its pressure

(N ° 6 - Fig. 1) evaporator: in this element, which also consists of a car battery similar to the car radiator, the liquid turns into gas by subtracting heat and consequently by cooling the evaporator.
The refrigerant returned gas, continues its path through the compressor and the cycle resumes. The dehumidifying air is pushed through the dehumidifier by a fan (n ° 1 - Fig. 1) by first passing the evaporator (cold) and then the condenser (hot).




The operating cycle is therefore as follows:
- The air passes through the evaporator surface, where it cools by depositing excess moisture, which turns into drops of water falling into the collecting pan.
- Then the air passes through the condenser, where it regains a few degrees of temperature and is re-entered into the drier and warmer environment, thereby contributing, in the mix that is determined over time, to lower the humidity level of the condenser, Environment, no at achieving the desired values.

When the ambient temperature is below certain values (15 ° / 18 ° C), the super vapor temperature of the evaporator will in turn result in ice formation that limits the passage of the air, compromising the good functioning of the system .

To overcome this possible disadvantage, except for the DR80 model, the automatic defrost function, which consists of the possibility of heating the evaporator when the probe detects temperatures too low.

In this case, by means of a by-pass valve (No. 4), the compressor directly enters the gas into the evaporator without passing through the condenser, causing it to increase the temperature.

The bypass circuit closes automatically when the probe detects a higher temperature and the dehumidifying cycle resumes normally.

It is important to note that this defrosting system ensures that the dehumidifier will return to perfect efficiency after a few seconds; It is also the only defrosting system that allows full dehumidifier efficiency even with very low dehumidifying air temperatures (below 8/10 ° C)




1. Ventilator - Fan • 2. Compressor - Compressor • 3. Condenser - Condenser • 4. By-pass valve (Fig. 1) • 5. Capillary tube - Coiled tube (Fig. Evaporator - Evaporator • 7. Air filter - Air filter • 8. Water collection tank - Tank for collecting water • 9. Humidistat - Humidistat • 10. Full tank indicator - Warning lamp: full water container • 11. Safety warning light - Warning lamp : Overheating • 12. Switch - On / off switch • 13. Timer counter - Timer 14. Double voltage switch - Switch for dual voltage version