With a vision towards your needs in industry, construction, protected crop farming, animal breeding, automotive service industry, and in many other sectors, we design and manufacture space heaters, dehumidifiers and industrial cleaning machines, capable of providing maximum performance for any application.



The design projects of our machines are conceived through CAD-CAM systems and developed in a testing laboratory equipped with sophisticated testing equipment, based on the criteria of functionality, performance and safety. During production, elevated quality standards are assured by the constant innovation of the production and assembly structures. In addition, particular attention is dedicated to the selection of suppliers of materials and components, which based on our company policy are preferentially “Made in Italy”. Rigid control points are implemented all the way from the receipt of materials and components, at each phase of production, to the final quality control and testing on 100% of our manufactured products.  Conformity to safety standards based on the most recent and astringent European safety requirements is assured through testing and certification by quality standards’ institutions and International standards organizations such as KIWA, CSA-UL, EAC, TYSK, etc...

Competence and availability are also fundamental principles in our technical assistance service provided through our own internal organization as well as support from our extensive network of authorized technical service centres, insuring maximum speed for service and maintenance and procurement of spare parts.
— Giovanni Pregno, quality and safety Manager