A dehumidifier is an appliance that has the task of reducing the humidity level of the air.

The main reason why it is used is hygienic: too high moisture leads to mold formation, which can pose risks to human health. Poor humidity, and therefore a too dry air, is an unfavorable condition, as it would lead to dehydration. From here it is explained the importance of having a relative and perfect humidity, so that the home environment becomes livable and healthy for those who live there.

In addition to hygiene, there are other factors that need a fair amount of humidity in the air: a high relative humidity level causes corrosion, degradation and environmental discomfort, hinders the manufacture and preservation of many products, slows down drying New constructions and the recovery of premises damaged by flooding or leakage.

For more than 30 years Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, in the Province of Cuneo, an important point in the Piedmont Region, produces in Italy a full range of professional and domestic dehumidifiers called "Arcodry".

The Arcodry line of Biemmedue produces two different types of dehumidifiers:

  1. Professional dehumidifiers, which are stand-alone appliances, working without the need for installation, simply by connecting them with a plug to the mains
  2. Home dehumidifiers, reliable and with a long service life. They are suitable for both home and office due to their high energy efficiency.

Professional dehumidifiers are distinguished from domestic lines for many factors, including:

  • The metal frame
  • Robust and large transport wheels and handles
  • High air volume
  • The possibility of working with humidity even reaching 99% (against the maximum 90% of household dehumidifiers)
  • Larger water collection tanks
  • The hour meter mounted on the machine
  • An exchanger with larger sized blades
  • The aluminum fan mounted in the closed housing
  • The defrost with hot gas

They are part of the family of Professional BM2 Dehumidifiers:

- DR 120

- DR 190

- DR 250

- DR 310


The professional dehumidifiers produced by Biemmedue in its Arcodry line can be used in various fields and sectors, including:

  • Buildings under construction
  • Construction, restoration work archives
  • Libraries
  • Protection against water vapor condensation
  • Wastewater treatment plant, water systems
  • Stores

Home Dehumidifiers, also called semi-professional for their high quality, combine the high efficiency of professional products, the convenience and the affordability of home-made products. Domestic dehumidifiers are beautiful and reliable, with high volume air to quickly dry even larger rooms and with a water collection capacity of up to 60 liters per day.

They are part of the Domestic Dehumidifiers family BM2:

- DR 80



Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the hermetic refrigeration circuit, the DR Biomedite Dehumidifiers DR can reduce energy consumption and achieve maximum yield. Based on the principle of condensation, DR dehumidifiers do not emit polluting agents and employ a safe and environmentally friendly refrigerant, the R407C.

Fully automatic and operating with humidity of 40 to 100% even at very low temperatures, they are simple to use and do not require maintenance. Once the required humidity has been reached, the operation stops automatically. For all models, defrosting is automatic.

Finally, in aesthetics, the design of the Bihemedue dehumidifiers is sober and functional and makes them suitable for any environment. Compact and robust, they have comfortable handles and wheels that make them easy to carry.