High-Pressure Cleaner is a power tool that, thanks to the help of a motor and a pump, can generate a jet of high pressure water coming out of the nozzle at the top of the spear.
High-Pressure Cleaner is really versatile and can help in many cleaning operations, making the job more efficient and less laborious, while also saving time and especially water.

Such performances make cleaning and washing jobs both domestic and industrial easier. It is possible to wash:

  • the boat
  • the car
  • the motorbike  
  • steps
  • The exterior walls
  • The patio

Not only that, it is also possible to stock tubes, wash gutters and verandas, and more.



First of all, it is essential to rely on trademarks known as Biemmedue, a company leader in the market not only in the field of cleaning, which is named after Arcomat and which is developed in many industrial cleaning products but also housekeeping, including Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners Professional, scrubbing floors, single-spatulas, sweepers and high-pressure cleaners, but also in the field of heating and dehumidification.

Biemmedue can provide you with quality products, reliable and durable over time, also a great after sales service. But to choose the right model, it is essential to take advantage of the expertise of qualified personnel that can guide you to the right choice for your needs.

The main factors to consider when choosing the right helix are 3: the flow rate, the pressure and the power of the engine.


  • THE FLOW is expressed in liters per hour (l / h) and indicates the amount of water the pump can handle in one hour, water that is pushed to the nozzle nozzle to generate pressure. Economical high pressure cleaners are often advertised, with high pressure power but little flow. For example, a 150-atmospheric pressure washer, but with a flow rate of 10 l / h, manages to move a quantity of water equivalent to a glass of water every 60 seconds! A suitable range for hobby use and uncommonly is around 350l / h, while for more assiduous use and to cover super bigger ones it is recommended a range around 450 l / h.  


  • PRESSURE is measured in bar and refers to the force with which the water comes out of the nozzle at the top of the spear. Suitable pressures for hobby use may vary between 100 and 150 bars, the same values enerally also for professionals. When high performance is required, it is possible to reach 500 bar of pressure.  


  • The POWER of the engine is expressed in kw. It is advisable to have a power greater than 1.3 kw for the hydropuliters that are considered to be sporadic, while a power of at least 3 kw is required in cases where the machine is used more frequently. It's like for cars: you think of a car that has to do hundreds of miles every day; This must have a powerful and large displacement engine. An important feature: in the case of extensions up to 25 mt, the cable section, excluding rubber guine, must be at least 2.5 mm thick; Above 25 mt the thickness must be at least 4 mm.


If the use of the current is a problem, we can use high pressure cleaners with a blast engine, in this case the engine power is expressed in HP, this value for engines with good power features should be higher than 2.5 HP.

Biemmedue comes to the rescue to meet every need by offering hot, cold water models, burglar models and special machines and personalized for end use.

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