The Arcomat line of Biemmedue, a Piedmontese company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, is made up of products dedicated to professional and industrial cleaning: High-pressure cleaners, sweepers, floor cleaners, scrubbers.

Great attention in the development and production is directed to the high pressure cleaners, perfect products both when it comes to clean standard environments, such as houses, garages, offices, and for very large spaces, such as warehouses, avenues, gardens, both in "difficult" areas, like workshops, body shops and really very dirty or encrusted places.

Among the Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners, today we are talking about SUSETTE, professional hot water high pressure cleaners. 

Pressure Cleaner BM2 SUSETTE 200/15 professional hot water 200 bar top of the range with 400 V three-phase power max power 6.5 Kw, max flow 900 l / h.

Ideal for those who need a professional machine with high efficiency even under prolonged use conditions. Suitable for industrial use and car washes, this product is very robust and durable even if it maintains a compact design.

Ensures reliability of washing and high performance, is characterized by ease of use and is designed with new-generation components that require reduced maintenance. Engine power 1450 rpm with advanced stop delay control.

Motor / pump coupling protection and lubricant containment system. Piston pump unit with ceramic piston, brass head, pressure and steam regulation system, boiler with high efficiency pre-ventilation system, over 89%. Leakage check and automatic shutdown system after 20 minutes of non-use, work time storage system with programmed maintenance notice. Equipped with two fixed wheels of 2 pivoting wheels, width 62 cm, depth 92 cm, height 94 cm. Weight 128 Kg.

The Susette pressure cleaner has a compact and extremely robust design, 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, and is tested by strict tests and tests that follow the strictest international standards on performance and safety.

200 bar model, the most powerful in the SUSETTE ARCOMAT BM2 BIEMMEDUE range, which in addition to another 400 V three-phase 150-bar model also consists of a 230 V single-phase model. Equipped with a motor thermal protection system, it can be used in professional cleaning even with a prolonged use mode. Ensures high performance and thorough cleaning in every use situation.

high pressure cleaner biemmedue


  • ACDS: Advanced Control with Delayed Stop
  • Triplex plunger pump with three ceramic pistons and brass head
  • 1450 rpm motor
  • Motor/pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system
  • New generation pumps, high efficiency and low maintenance
  • High pressure valve regulation allowing steam production
  • High pressure detergent injection system
  • Built-in water tank with floating valve
  • Water filter, accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine
  • Boiler with over 89% efficiency
  • Pre-ventilation boiler
  • Micro leakage control
  • Automatic shutdown if idle for more than 20 min.
  • Predisposed for the easy and quick installation of optional limescale prevention kit
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Two rigid rear wheels and two front swivel casters with brakes
  • Warning LED “machine ready” and “malfunction”
  • Hour counter device with service alert warning led
  • Hose reel (optional)