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Dedicated to professional and industrial cleaning in all sectors of application, the Arcomat line of Biemmedue, a Piedmontese company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, consists of products for professional cleaning such as high pressure cleaners, professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, sweepers , floor cleaners and scrubber-driers.

Among the products of the Arcomat BM2 line, great attention in the development and production is directed to the high pressure cleaners, perfect products both when it comes to clean standard environments, such as houses, garages, offices, and for very large spaces, such as warehouses, avenues, gardens , both in "difficult" areas, such as workshops, body shops and really very dirty or encrusted places.

Washing efficiency, reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance: these are the guidelines that Biemmedue has followed to design its range of professional high-pressure cleaners.

Among these, today we talk about SIDRA, the professional hot water high pressure cleaner.

The SIDRA pressure washer from Biemmedue has a power ranging from a minimum of 130 bar to a more powerful version of 170 bar of pressure and a minimum water flow of 10 liters per minute up to a more powerful version of 13 liters per minute.

The characteristics of the SIDRA are that it has the piston pumps with ceramic pistons with brass head, delayed total stop, 1450 rpm engine (2800 rpm Sidra 150.15), equipped with new generation pumps, high efficiency and long life, coupling protection motor / pump with special lubricant containment system, high pressure detergent dispensing, water supply tank with float valve, external water filter, boiler with efficiency higher than 89, boiler pre-ventilation, thermal protection of the motor and predisposition for hose reel (which is an option of this pressure washer).

Curated in every detail, it is technically built very well in a Made in Italy that makes it a professional product of enormous quality. A serious, reliable and functional high pressure cleaner, Sidra is easily transportable and movable thanks to the two free wheels and a pivoting with brake.


  • Delayed total-stop
  • Triplex plunger pump with three ceramic pistons and brass head
  • 1450 rpm motor (2800 rpm Sidra 150.15)
  • Models 150/15 and 170/13 with new generation pumps, high efficiency and durability
  • Motor/pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system
  • High pressure detergent injection system
  • Built-in water tank with floating valve
  • Water filter, accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine
  • Boiler with over 89% efficiency
  • Pre-ventilation boiler
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Two free wheels and wheel with brake
  • Hose reel (optional)
high pressure cleaner sidra by biemmedue spa italy made in italy cleaner products

Thanks to the hot water and the power of action, the Sidra Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners clean with perfect results: they are ideal for removing dirt, grease or oily residues and the cleaning time is greatly reduced, thanks to the deep action of hot water.