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The high pressure cleaner is a machine that, thanks to a high pressure water jet, removes dirt and deposits from any solid surface (Wikipedia definition).

The Biemmedue, an Italy company based in Cherasco, in the Province of Cuneo, boasts a wide selection of models of high-pressure washers that are part of the Arcomat line, dedicated to industrial and professional cleaning for different sectors of use.

In designing its range of professional high pressure cleaner, Biemmedue followed very precise guidelines and paid great attention to some key features such as:

  • washing effectiveness
  • reliability
  • safety
  • easy to use
  • ease of maintenance

Biemmedue high pressure cleaner can be supplied with hot or cold water.

A hot water pressure cleaner is used in the presence of oily, non-water-soluble or particularly tough dirt. This is because, thanks to the heat, the hot water favors in a short time the melting of the dirt as well as ensuring the surfaces a quick drying. To heat the water, a boiler with oil burner is used, a real strength of Biemmedue thanks to the know-how matured with the design of the burners and combustion chambers of hot air generators. With hot water, Biemmedue high pressure cleaners clean impeccably without having to increase the pressure.

In a cold water pressure washer the effect of hot water is replaced by the delivery of specific detergents which, depending on their chemical composition, can attack the different types of dirt. The cold water pressure washer is more compact and therefore it is preferable if you want less space and ease of handling. Furthermore, for the daily cleaning of equipment, vehicles and buildings, the Biemmedue cold water high-pressure washers remove any type of dirt, even the most encrusted, thanks to the high pressure and the considerable flow, thus being able to thoroughly clean even the large surfaces .

Biemmedue high pressure cleaner can also be supplied with electricity or liquid fuel (petrol or diesel): the choice depends very much on applications.

Biemmedue high pressure cleaner are very compact, they are very light and easy to handle. When choosing, it is important to take into account the pressure of a pressure washer, the force exerted by the water on the surface unit: the higher the pressure, the greater the washing depth, thanks to the superior force exerted for the removal of dirt.

Another technical feature to take into consideration is the flow rate, the volume of water processed by the pump in the time unit: the greater the capacity of the pressure washer, the faster the work phase will be, thanks to the less time spent on rinsing .

Biemmedue produces high pressure cleaner with piston pump (the movement of three pistons occurs through a connecting rod-crank system) suitable for heavy and continuous tasks, ie for professional use, while with axial pump (the movement of the three pistons occurs by rotating a system sloping plate for feeding and springs for re-entry) is mainly used in machines intended for hobby use or in any case for less intense use. To guarantee maximum reliability, except for entry level models, the Biemmedue only adopts piston pumps.