High pressure cleaner is the most suitable, effective and convenient tool to clean.

This is because, thanks to steam and water pressure, it is able to quickly and totally remove any type of dirt and make you get really impeccable results.

The High pressure cleaner is perfect both when it comes to cleaning standard environments, such as houses, garages, offices, and for very large spaces, such as warehouses, avenues, gardens, both in "difficult" areas, such as workshops, body shops and really dirty places. or encrusted.

Moreover, thanks to its power, it is also useful to clean professionally, all those work tools that require great hygiene. For all these reasons Biemmedue, a leading company in the field of industrial cleaning, with its line of Arcomat products dedicated to professional cleaning at all levels, devotes much attention to the development and production of high-pressure washers, as well as vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, sweepers and floor scrubbers, which complete the production, recently moved to Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, the company's historic headquarters.

What are the characteristics to keep in mind when choosing a pressure washer? The cleaning market offers a wide choice of models of high-pressure washers, from "domestic" and for home use to industrial, suitable for large spaces and perfect for cleaning companies that require very professional tools. The first thing to consider when deciding to buy a pressure washer is the type of operation, divided into:

  • Hot water
  • Cold water

In short, hot water high pressure cleaners are more suitable for cleaning heavily encrusted spaces and tools and for environments that have a very resistant type of dirt. Thanks to the deep action carried out by the hot water, the cleaning time is reduced and the surfaces dry more quickly. In addition, they are compact high pressure cleaners with reduced overall dimensions.

The cold water high pressure cleaners are ideal for the daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and buildings. They are therefore ideal for construction and construction, agriculture, the automotive sector, industry and food production.

Other features to be observed are:

  • The capacity of the high pressure cleaners, which indicates the quantity of high pressure water that the pump can move in one hour.
  • The pressure of the high pressure cleaners: indicates the force with which the water exits and is measured in bar
  • The power of the high pressure cleaners: it is measured in Kilowatt and, in the top models of the range, up to 3 kw
  • Dimensions and weight of the high pressure cleaners

What needs to be considered when choosing a pressure washer is the need for use.

Biemmedue offers a wide range of high-pressure washers whose characteristics are: washing efficacy, reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance.