The Biemmedue, Company of Cherasco, Province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, is the world leader in the field of industrial cleaning, with its Arcomat line, of professional and domestic dehumidification, with the Arcodry line and above all of the professional heating sector and generators professional hot air with the Arcotherm line of products.

Hot air generators are professional equipment which, through combustion, produces the heat needed to heat different sized rooms, even when traditional heating systems are not sufficient or not sufficient.

They are available with diesel, LPG, natural gas and electric power in a wide range of products suitable for heating every room quickly and efficiently, both as a fixed and temporary heat source.

The quality of the materials used and the variety of the offer in products for professional and industrial heating are the basis of the success of Biemmedue products in the world.

All Biemmedue hot air generators are controlled and meet very high safety standards: both floor and wall units are subject, from the design phase to production and commissioning, to strict European standards and strict testing. This guarantees their absolute safety and functionality.

The Arcotherm BM2 heating line includes heating products in the following sectors:

  • construction and events
  • agriculture and breeding
  • industry

Among these, the field of building and events, whose products are intended for mobile heat generators responding to the logic of mobile or temporary emergency heating, in internal and external environment, with a relatively low price and above all exempt from need for installations.

Thanks to its manageability, mobility, strength, reliability and flexibility, they are mainly used in the construction sectors (construction sites, buildings, etc.) and in temporary structures or shelters (marquees, tensile structures, etc.).

These are generally monocombustible products (diesel or gas), equipped with wheels and / or handling handles, which can be equipped with various accessories that allow different applications, depending on the needs of the customers.

Frequently receiving requests for intervention from builders and yard managers looking for solutions for temperature control, Biemmedue stands as a reference point, thanks to a line of products suitable for manufacturers, companies and contractors working in the field of building.

The basic philosophy is very simple: the times when you could stop a construction site during the cold season are over.

Today the margins are narrow and the temperatures too low reduce the performance on site and can lead to frost damage to the material.

Heating a building site is therefore a prerequisite for an efficient and accurate work execution even at low temperatures.

Biemmedue is able to find the best solution for every kind of need; in this case with a product line dedicated exclusively to the construction world with models specifically designed to provide hot air in large spaces.

Biemmedue hot air generators can operate independently for hours, even in difficult conditions, with the possibility of positioning them inside or outside the building depending on the fuel and safety regulations.

Biemmedue also has a complete line of dehumidifiers, designed specifically for construction sites and able to minimize damage caused by excessive humidity.

The heaters and dehumidifiers can work in parallel to quickly and efficiently dry the entire building site, helping you to respect the working time you have set.

The same goes for everything related to an event: what is the best possible organization, if then the weather spoils the party?

Cold weather can cause knockouts, heavy snowfall jeopardizes the integrity or stability of the tent, sensitive display assets (eg plants) are damaged.

Therefore it is advisable to take precautions and provide adequate heating for your event.
But there is heating and heating. What use are the thermal radiators if some are too hot and the others are shivering from the cold? Or noisy and annoying blowers that produce more wind than heat?

A wedding in winter needed a heating system to cope with a sudden cold wave. The event had brought together hundreds of guests in a large tensile structure; the need was therefore to keep people warm during dinner. The events taking place in this type of structures must take into account many logistical aspects, in particular regarding safety standards.

To heat the inside of the tent safely, Biemmedue hot air generators from the Arcotherm line were selected.

The appliances were positioned outside the structure and the hot air was conveyed inside by means of delivery sheaths, creating a pleasantly heated space. This was the ideal solution for the customer: at the same time economic, without fumes and immediately installable.

Biemmedue hot air generators were sufficient to counteract bad weather conditions and allow the celebration to take place smoothly.