The times have changed and with them also the seasonal temperatures: it passes from the hot summer heat to the sudden cold, without more intermediate weeks in which to get used to the rigid season. Getting unprepared to winter is no longer possible. It is time to go in time to find the best heating solution for our needs, both at the heat and at the cost level. If, however, this year you have not been equipped in time and you are having these first cold especially at home or in the office or if you have a shop, garage or other space to be absolutely warm, do not miss out on your mind.

Biemmedue, the worldwide leader in the heating market, is the perfect solution for you: it is called EK and is part of the Arcotherm line, designed and produced for heating purposes.

EK is a mobile electric hot-air generator: plug the plug and turn it on. EK is able to warm up spaces of different sizes in a short and effective manner. EK can be used as a temporary solution to maintain an ideal temperature in your garage or shop or office.

In addition to the colder months, EK can be used in these times when it does not become too hot but not too cold to activate the total heating of the structure. For example, if you are working in a workshop with a engine of a defective machine, EK can be located there a few meters to heat only the affected area without heat dispersion and therefore costs. Not only that, the EK generator can also become a fixed heating solution, as it is effective even in extreme cold situations.

For this reason, the EK hot air generator can also be used on site, thus facilitating the work of workers in colder periods of the year. EK is the only ELECTRIC HOT AIR generator with a possibility of ducting up to 6 meters, so as to further expand its heating capabilities; can be for example placed outside a small tent and through a sheath the heat can be conveyed inside, without any minimal danger. It comes with a manual safety thermostat, a power selector, so you can handle the heat as you believe it and a built-in thermostat.

The EK Electric Hot Air Generator is perfect as a heat source.