The summer heat has given way to a sudden cold that hit Italy in these days of September 2017. A nice problem for those who was not prepared and suddenly finds having to find an effective and immediate heating system to cope to this cold pre-winter cold wave.

Bars, Shops, Restaurants and Locals must immediately take care of the shelter to ensure that their customers are warm in the early hours of the morning and in the evening, moments of the day when the temperatures dropped dramatically and to be able to still exploit their own dehors.

Biemmedue, a Piedmontese company with headquarters in Chasasco, Welsh province, the world leader in heating with its Arcotherm line, has thought of these categories as a product that is a viable alternative to traditional indoor heating systems and especially outdoor: we are talking about infrared IK heaters, suitable for heating places like bars, restaurants, outdoor dehors, workshops, churches, terraces, gyms, hotels.

These infrared heaters use the same principle of the sun: the sun's rays directly heat the earth and the people, and in the same way, these lamps emit energy that is spread in an instant fashion.

IK infra-red heaters are a good alternative to the classic gas mushroom, which was used mostly in the external dehors of bars and restaurants but which has now been disused for both high costs and the atmospheric pollution that it caused.

IK infrared heaters, on the other hand, can save energy, and therefore save on the cost of the bill because they are not preheated. In addition, they are devoid of odors and noises and cause no air movement and therefore no dust.

This type of heating is ideal for heating the outside spaces of bars and restaurants as the local heat creates a kind of hot microclimate even during the coldest months of winter, allowing you to take advantage of all the spaces, even those outside, not only in summer but throughout the year. It is also very useful for all smokers, who go outside even in the coldest periods.

Bar and restaurant customers appreciate the use of these infrared lamps that allow them to stay outside the premises even in winter evenings without suffering the great cold.