Dirt is the enemy to fight by cleaning and to win it it is best to know it as thoroughly as possible. So it will be easier to understand the reason for so many types of equipment, machines, products for its elimination, and to choose the most appropriate tools for effectiveness and cost.

There have been many definitions given to dirt: probably the most humorous is what has indicated it as a "hassle in the wrong place".

According to its composition we can have classes in:






Dust is a set of particles of the size of a few micrometers (1micron = 1/1000 millimeter) in suspension in the air that transports them from one place to another, spreading them into the environment. To get the idea of he size of a micron, just consider that the dot above the "i" is about 500 microns and that anything below the 5 micron is not visible to the naked eye. Bacteria, for example, are visible in the microscope.

Viruses, even smaller, are sometimes seen only in the electronic microscope.

The origins of dust are the most diverse. They form dust: construction sites, automobile traffic, pedestrians, chimney fumes, house heating systems, leaves that rotten and dry along tree-lined avenues or gardens, pollen of gold, the crowd that blows the Put on the window, and so on.

There can be mineral dust (smog) powder, which is heavy and deposits quickly (within one hour of its formation) and dust of other nature, consisting of particles below 10 microns, deposited over 8 hours.

In closed environments, dust is mainly circulated from the floor, through the movement of people.

In the hospital, dust is a highly critical factor and its presence in humans must be minimized, as pathogenic microorganisms use it as a "means of transport".

One gram of powder can carry up to one million bacteria.

Dust is one of the most important causes of contamination, so air currents, so frequent in long corridors or badly conceived environments, can push the dust itself, and hence the microorganisms, from one environment to the other very easily.



Lean dirt is the combination of more water powder, which creates the so-called mud.


Fat Dirty is the combination of more oil powder, which gives the so-called toe.


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