The cleaning

It is the minimum condition to ensure the quality of life of each of us.

It consists of a series of operations aimed at making the environments fit for the lives of the people living there.

Unfortunately, the culture of cleanliness is not yet universally widespread, so that its realization is a passive voice in the budgets of both Entities and Communities (schools, hospitals, etc.) as well as industrial and commercial enterprises (factories, supermarkets, etc.) Often show an inadequate hygiene standard, with poor property conservation and consequent waste of economic resources.

Existing disinformation on cleaning makes it difficult to solve the problem rationally.

Yet both civil society and industry push in the direction of a substantial change of mentality and the adoption of virtuous behaviors.

The need to safeguard the environment and collective health has developed an ecological sensitivity that calls for healthy places, so first clean.

The general improvement of living conditions has also led to the emergence of aesthetic needs, whereby the "clean" becomes more and more synonymous with well-being, pleasure, comfort of civil maturation.

Hence the industry's commitment to providing tools to ensure maximum hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation by investing in research and technology to provide professional users with the means to achieve optimal, cost-effective, and Ease of use.

Evolution and industrial transformation have also involved building materials, requiring operators to adapt, care and specialize cleaning, to achieve maximum yield, avoiding damage and guaranteeing the durability of the materials themselves.

Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo Piemontese, home of the Langhe and Roero, meets all cleaning companies, cleaners and cleaners with a full range of hot water and / Or cold, professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, single-spatulas suitable for every surface and floor scrubbing.

We are talking about products from the Line Arcomat, the line that Biemmedue has created for professional and high quality industrial cleaning, able to meet the needs of any cleaning or company and to exceed customer expectations.

Biemmedue machines are of the utmost quality and provide effective help for your work and low maintenance, as well as unlimited durability over time.