For some it may be the most boring aspect of enology; For others, it is the cornerstone of this "matter". Still others, they erroneously consider it as a matter of fact, worthy of little attention.

We are talking about the maintenance of vineyards, without a shadow of doubt, an essential aspect for wine growers, but indirectly also for those who like to taste red, white and rose-colored glasses.

Over time, wine growers shared and understood the importance of treating the soil in the right way, and began investing, not only on product quality, but also on the training of manpower and the maintenance of maintenance techniques And machining. A good wine is born from a good grape, but first of all, but to see, to give a natural quality product the opportunity to express itself to the best, it is fundamental to ensure the right treatment.

The first thing to remember is to always keep the ground clean at the foot of the rows. This will ensure that for the first couple of weeks and subsequent phases, your vineyard and young vines will grow without competition in food and water.

In addition, a rule that applies to every type of job is that in the cleaner you work better!

There are several methods and lines of thought: for or against herbicides.

The problem of using herbicides is that once the vines begin to grow, it will be difficult not to damage them by spraying the product on the surrounding weed.

This means that in one way or another your grapes will be contaminated by the used herbicide.
This concept applies to the wine world as with any other agricultural product.
There are many doubts about glyphosate health and the environment (one of the main compounds used in the world), which is used not only in industrial agriculture but also in herbicides and pesticides sold for domestic and gardening purposes.

Since we do not want to get intoxicated and we do not want to harm the environment we live in, to remove the weeds or to avoid growing we can use interesting alternatives, such as the new models of the Biemmedue labeled Arcomat brand: BWK and BWK BAT, Professional hot water herbicides specially designed to meet the needs of those who want to produce 100% natural!

BWK and BWK BAT eliminate weeds and mortars in a sustainable way, as they use hot water, without the use of chemicals, but with the same effectiveness. Are models that have an innovative total hot water spraying system. Only after a few hours after the thermal treatment it is possible to check the effectiveness of BWK

By effecting the thermal disinfection with periodicity, the root of the plant will be weakened to the point of inhibiting its growth, eliminating the plant in a definitive way. Generally, by performing 4 or 5 treatments each season, from the second year the plants will drastically reduce their growth, and then disappear definitively

BWK has a water consumption of only 7.8 liters per minute, and uses less than 0.3 kw of electricity.

Thanks to an innovative diesel fuel boiler, the water needed for treatment is heated in a very short time, allowing rapid start up and constant temperature.

These products from the Biomedite line of the Biomedite line, the leading manufacturer of heating, cleaning and dehumidification, have the added benefit of running on batteries, and therefore, in addition to not using chemicals, they do not even emit exhaust fumes and Can carry anywhere.