Following the case of Glyphosate, the most widespread mildew in the agricultural world, which has warned Europe as it is considered carcinogenic and with dramatic effects on the health of people who are forced to live in contact, the sustainable response of Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, province of Cuneo, Leader in the field of heating, industrial cleaning and dehumidification, with its lines Arcotherm, Arcomat and Arcodry, is called BWK: a professional hot water weed removal system.


You have understood it well: this is an innovative hot water spinning system.

For those who need travel autonomy and must work in a medium to large area, the BWK, equipped with a diesel fuel boiler and pivoting wheels, is the ideal solution.

What's new in 2017 is the BWK BAT, the ideal battery model for those who do not have an electric attack: With a working autonomy of up to 20 hours, BWK BAT does not produce exhaust fumes from the engine.

Another strong point in BWK is the eradication of weeds and mortars in a sustainable manner, without the use of chemicals, but with the same effectiveness. The results of its passage are visible after a few hours of treatment, and disruption action, if repeated 4/5 times per season, can drastically reduce plant growth until it disappears.

Thanks to the innovative boiler, the water needed for the treatment is heated in a very short time, allowing the immediate start of work and a constant temperature.

BWK can be used with a variety of optional accessories, depending on your specific needs, giving you high productivity, speed or precision.

With a water consumption of only 7.8 liters per minute, the car consumes less than 0.4 kw of electricity.

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