The EC products of the Arcotherm line from Biemmedue are indirect combustion mobile space heaters.

The heat exchanger in the indirect combustion space heaters is equipped with a chimney that allows the expulsion of the combustion smokes outside.

The Biemmedue offer includes 4 EC models with various characteristics and thermal powers.

All models of hot air generators are light and compact, equipped with handle, trolley and wheels, they have an essential and easy to use control panel.

They are ideal for heating medium-sized rooms: small sheds, laboratories, for drying, on construction sites and for heating even those rooms where there is no air exchange. The EC models of the Arcotherm line run on diesel or kerosene.

A powerful fan is used to force the air through the combustion chamber where the burner is located.

When the air passes through the burner, the heat produced by the combustion process is transferred to the air flow ensuring a thermal efficiency of 85%, the remaining 15% is expelled through the chimney in the form of exhaust fumes.