Increasing energy costs and legal regulations force farmers to use efficient heating systems with low energy consumptions. The Biemmedue spa products  fully meets there requirements.

A closed combustion system means that the combustion air is taken from the outside, and the combustion gases are transported back to the outside. As a result no CO2 and no water vapor are brought into the poultry house. Therefore the big advantage is that the volume of the ventilated air can be strongly reduced so that energy can be saved.

Also, the closed combustion system decreases the humidity level. Consequently the feed stays drier which prevents from typical dieseases. So, the sickness and mor-tality rate decreases which leads to a higher output per bird flock.

In order to optimize consumption, Biemmedue has equipped its machines for the KIT SNORKEL breeding system by which the unit aspires clean air from the outside environment, ensuring perfect and constant combustion even in very dusty environments or where the Oxygen level is too low.