Management and maintenance costs of animal breeding are very high and continue to rise. Furthermore, animals necessitate huge technical efforts by the breeders in order to optimize all the parameters which contribute to the yield of these races.

One of the major concerns for breeders, is definitely related to the heating of their facilities and this means facing the problems related to thermal shock, to inefficient ratio of food conversion (FCR), to animal diseases, and many other direct or indirect problems related to climatic conditions inside the breeding facility, which can lead to a rapid decline in productivity and in the health of the animals, with consequent loss of resources.

Even during winter months when outside temperatures drop, the climate inside the breeding facility must be kept constant, and maintained at strictly defined levels, in order to avoid problems for the animals.

Biememdue, the company in Piemonte with head office in Cherasco, world-leader in the sector of professional heating, with its range of Arcotherm products, gives a hand to all breeders, offering its professional products supplied with avantgarde technology, reliability, high performance, superior level logistics and the best support structure for each breeding facility.

All Biemmedue heating products guarantee optimal temperatures, humidity control and proper air exchange, which allow for the maintenance of health and productivity of the animals.

The principle issues which a breeder must confront are:

·       The need for personalized heating systems, based on the structure of the facility and the type of breeding

·       The need to radiate heat and limit waste

·       The need to maintain constant wellbeing for the animals, through proper temperatures, air exchange and air quality.

It naturally follows that the animal breeding sector, needs to be equipped with a professional heating system capable of satisfying different needs and providing satisfactory performance, while maintaining sustainable costs.

With Arcotherm line of professional products dedicated to heating in agriculture and breeding, Biemmedue proposes warm air generators supplies with ceiling-installation hooks or bars and/or bases for floor installation on support frames.

These warm air generators ensure perfect thermal comfort, with particular attention given to keeping a warm and fresh environment at the same time: heat is absorbed by persons or animals, while surrounding air remains fresh and humid.

This ensures a controlled, constant temperature, to have healthy, stress-free animals, resulting in the increase in their lifespan and the increase of their productivity, but also a healthy environment for the breeders who need to spend much time inside their breeding facilities.

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