Biemmedue, a company with headquarters in Cherasco, province of Cuneo, leader in the field of heating with its line of professional products Arcotherm, offers a series of products that are extremely useful for solving various problems due to the heating of large environments or industrial buildings.

For example, excessive low temperatures or ice formation can cause problems with the storage of raw materials or finished products, or in the processing stages of the same, or for the maintenance of pre-set temperatures of mechanical parts, for the preheating of oils, resins, Chemical components or for the heating of pipes and tanks.

High ceilings, large spaces, machineries and workstations, all of which create difficulties in identifying a suitable heating plant for industrial buildings and warehouses.

Energy wastes are a powerful expenditure factor that can easily be eliminated with considerations such as the choice of plants studied ad hoc from Biemmedue.

Our industrial heating systems are unique products for their practicality and reliability and their durability.

All products can be equipped with temperature control and temperature controllers to meet the most varied application requirements.

Some products have standard sizes and functions, while many others are tailored to the needs of the customer