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What are Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners?We talk about professional cleaning and industrial cleaning

A pressure cleaners is a cleaning machine that has the task of thoroughly and flawlessly cleaning any type of surface and removing any type of dirt in environments of any size, using water pressure to clean without requiring much effort who uses this type of product.

The pressure cleaners is an appliance designed for professional cleaning that can be used in many applications and for many jobs: in the industrial and technical fields, but also in the domestic environment, for example for cleaning machines, motorcycles, spare parts of machinery, ...

Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners are ideal for cleaning floors of companies, mechanical workshops, industrial workshops and firms of even size, but they work perfectly even if they are used on asphalt, cement or squares, as well as on roofs and external walls to remove moss and molds.

Not only that: the BM2 high-pressure cleaners can also be easily used on the inside walls.

Biemmedue high-pressure washers are ideal even in the colder months

When, due to the cold, snow and frost, the pipes freeze, it is possible to use the hot water high pressure washer to free the pipes with the help of special nozzles and pipe cleaners.

The characteristics of a professional high-pressure cleaners

To understand the effectiveness and power of a Biemmedue pressure cleaners, you must consider:

  • the capacity of the pressure cleaner
  • the water volume of the pressure cleaner
  • the pressure of the pressure cleaner

The greater the flow rate, the faster the washing will be, the greater the pressure used and the more thorough the cleaning performed by the machine.

There are two main types of pumps: axial and linear. The axial pump allows the movement of the three pistons through the rotation of an inclined plate, while the linear pump allows the movement of the three pistons through a system of connecting rods and crankshaft.

The benefits of using a Biemmedue pressure cleaner

  1. A Biemmedue high pressure cleaner allows you to clean any type of dirt in an autonomous and professional way, guaranteeing ease of use and working speed thanks to the design that Biemmedue dedicates to every Arcomat cleaning machine, so as to guarantee highly effective products for every type of application .
  2. A Biemmedue pressure cleaner guarantees immediate and effective cleaning of all types of surfaces.
  3. A Biemmedue pressure cleaner guarantees ease of use and ease of application for any cleaning job, at any time and on any day.
  4. A Biemmedue high-pressure cleaner guarantees quality: every Arcomat cleaning machine follows the most stringent European standards in terms of safety and production, with excellent materials and the quality made in Italy of all BM2 branded products.
  5. A Biemmedue high pressure cleaner is a handy and light machine, easy to use and move, thanks to the installation of wheels.

The main use of the BM2 pressure cleaner is cleaning.

Of any surface or product that is resistant to water. From private and domestic use, like washing the car or motorbike, cleaning the wall of the house, the external walls or the paths that cross the garden, professional and industrial use in many areas of work.

The high pressure jet of the pressure washer allows to remove dirt, debris, mold, encrustations, limestone quickly and effectively.

The same goes for the Biemmedue hot water high pressure washers, which also allow the removal of solvents, greases of various kinds, adhesives. This type of pressure washer is very useful in workshops, even at the hobby level, but especially in large production sites and large industrial companies.

The other uses of Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners

The BM2 high-pressure cleaners can be used whenever it is useful to have a jet of water at high pressure, cold or hot.

They can be used to clean mechanical parts of any kind, as long as they can withstand exposure to water, or to remove mold, wash machinery and tractors, clean glass, exterior walls and shop windows.

Washing efficiency, reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance: these are the guidelines that Biemmedue has followed to design its range of professional high-pressure cleaners.