Fixed and mobile hot air generators for construction

The building world has changed with the passing of time: while once the construction sites appeared only from the beginning of spring and suspended activities in the colder months, nowadays this is no longer possible, and the masonry activities etc. they continue all year, even when the cold becomes an obstacle.

BIEMMEDUE, company that manufactures machines for heating the ARCOTHERM line, has specialized and has become a world leader in the world of hot air generators.

Thanks to them it is possible to heat many types of spaces, even open, with the least expenditure of energy.

When choosing, one must take into account some factors: the most important is the environment in which it will be placed, whether open or closed and in this case if there is air exchange or not. This already divides the decision between direct or indirect combustion models: the first need a flue that allows the evacuation of the exhaust fumes outside, while the latter do not need it but need environments where the air circulates freely.

The convenience of BIEMMEDUE hot air generators lies in the fact that they are mobile machines and therefore easily movable from one area to another thanks to wheels designed specifically for each type of terrain, and are also equipped with a built-in tank that allows top up the diesel oil filling.

From the larger models (diesel or kerosene) useful for the start of the works when the yard extends over a medium-large area, it is possible to move on to smaller models powered by propane gas or electricity. The latter become very useful during finishing work, where in a small space you can have more people working at the same time.

The BIEMMEDUE hot air generators, comfortable and easy to use, reach the desired temperature quickly and are therefore extremely useful for the construction industry.