Stability, robust construction, elimination of all vibrations, manoeuvrability and safety: these are the guiding principles followed by Biemmedue in the design and manufacturing its range of single-disc floor machines.

Uses and applications

With optimal brush/disc rotation speeds, the superior power of the motors and the vast array of accessories, Biemmedue floor machines satisfy the cleaning and maintenance requirements for all surfaces: from de-waxing, deep cleaning, to polishing, crystallized finishing, floor smoothing and levelling and carpet washing. The deciding factors for the choice of the appropriate floor machine include the type and amount of dirt on the floor, the surface area under consideration and consequently the choice of brush rotation speed and size of the floor machine. In general, the lower speed of 154 rpm combined with the substantial weight of our floor machines facilitate scrubbing and deep cleaning. Higher speed machines are more suitable for polishing, waxing and lighter cleaning and maintenance.


Motor power

The needs of more rigorous cleaning, scrubbing and floor treatment jobs require higher power motors to overcome the increased friction on the floor (in combination with the type of floor treatment and the accessories under use).

Gear transmission

The Gear transmission entirely designed and conceived by Biemmedue is a concentric coaxial epicyclical gearbox with 3 planetary helical cog gears made of tempered steel mounted on oversized ball-bearings, for guaranteed constant power, extra durability, reliability and noise reduction.



The stability of the floor machine is of primary importance in ensuring effortless and safe use of the machine over extended time periods without health and safety risks to the operator. The unique and perfect construction and positioning of the components, resulting from meticulous research and extensive studies, provide for perfect balance, and effortless use in the total absence of vibrations.

Motor speed and accessories

The choice largely depends on the application. For this reason Biemmedue has developed a complete range of various configurations which we invite you to consider in the following pages.