Hot air generators for industrial use of the ARCOTHERM line

The Industrial Heating is a fundamental point of the production of hot air generators BIEMMEDUE and has the goal of providing customers with the best solution in terms of wellbeing, costs and functionality.

BIEMMEDUE hot air generators dedicated to industrial heating produce heat to heat large rooms and industrial warehouses, replacing or integrating traditional heating systems that sometimes are not enough or are not sufficient.


Our generators are produced with diesel, LPG, methane and electric power and can be used professionally as a fixed or temporary source of heat.

To better heat up your industrial warehouse, you need to find a solution that combines comfort for the people who work there, reducing costs, increasing productivity and environmental sustainability.

This, taking some information into consideration:

1. The sheds have very high surfaces and heights, therefore large cubages to be heated

2. The sheds have doors always open with a constant passage of cold air

3. In the sheds people are concentrated in a few meters or distributed over the entire surface


As the traditional heating systems produce hot air that goes up to stratify under the roof, letting the cold air that enters from doors and gates circles down, it is evident that they are not very efficient and very expensive because it would be necessary to make it work continuously. the heating system with increased costs and energy waste. The BIEMMEDUE hot air generators dedicated to industrial heating have a structure that develops vertically and are all indirect combustion: they employ a heat exchanger that allows the evacuation of the fumes through a chimney that can be connected to the outside; they can therefore be placed inside closed rooms, on the other hand they have a yield of around 90% having to calculate, reducing the amount of heat evacuated through the chimney.


All products can be equipped with programming and temperature control units to meet the most varied application requirements. Some products have standard dimensions and functions, while many others are made to measure and according to the requirements requested by the customer