Cleaning power, perfect drying, manoeuvrability, working autonomy: these are the guiding principles followed by Biemmedue in the design and manufacture of its range of scrubber-dryers.

Disc brush VS cylindrical brush

The disc brush is furthermore allows for professional use. It guarantees prolonged mechanical action of the bristles on the surface, suitable for resistant dirt. The specific inclination of the washing head allows for the well-balanced traction of the machine, and for superior manoeuvrability of the non-traction versions. It furthermore allows for total scope of cleaning even against the walls.

Squeegee shape

The curve angle and the materials used in the squeegee blade guarantee perfect floor drying under all work conditions, even in the presence of grouted floors and during sharp turns and reverses. The floating head can return within the outline of the machine thereby reducing the turn circle in small spaces.The manual adjustment system allows for drying optimization of all types of floors

Walk-behind VS Ride-on

The choice largely depends on the application and the surface being treated. For this reason Biemmedue has developed a complete range of various configurations which we invite you to consider in the following pages.