Biemmedue of Cherasco fights Burian's cold with emergency heating

The cold does not leave Italy. Indeed, in recent days, frost and snow have hit our country and led to a collapse of temperatures.

The consequences can be different: pipes that freeze, boilers that go to block, frozen environments, temperatures below zero.

It is necessary to run for cover and intervene immediately to counteract this wave of frost in an effective and immediate way.

Headquartered in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, not far from Cuneo, Milan and Turin, Biemmedue S.p.A. is a world leader in the design and production of hot air generators, professional dehumidifiers and industrial cleaning machines.

The production facility of Biemmedue covers an area of 5,000 m2 and is here that the Arcotherm branded hot air generators and the Arcodry branded dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured. Since January 2018, thanks to a major expansion project, Biemmedue will open a new warehouse to bring the production of the Arcomat line, dedicated to industrial cleaning products, to Cherasco.

A very important sector to which Biemmedue devotes many of its energies is that of emergency heating, dedicated to heating sites and people affected by natural disasters, which therefore need immediate and effective solutions to cope with flooding, earthquakes, floods, ...

Biemmedue hot air generators do not require installation.

The Biemmedue Arcotherm line dedicated to this sector includes hot air mobile generators that respond to the logic of mobile or temporary emergency heating, indoor and outdoor, from relatively low price and above all need for installations. Thanks to their ease of use, mobility, robustness, reliability and flexibility, they are easy to use in temporary structures or temporary shelter, providing relief and relief wherever they are needed.

Generally, these are single-fueled products (diesel or gas), equipped with wheels and / or handling handles, which can be equipped with various accessories that allow different applications, depending on the customer's needs.