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Biemmedue industrial high-pressure cleaners can be used for professional cleaning of industrial and commercial companies.

The Arcomat line of Biemmedue, the world's leading company in the professional cleaning sector, based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, where the BM2 cleaning machines are produced, produces high-pressure cleaners that guarantee maximum performance by efficiently tackling the work more difficult, in all applications and on all surfaces.

Biemmedue cold water cleaners are ideal for the daily cleaning of equipment, vehicles and buildings, going to remove any type of dirt.

Biemmedue hot water cleaners clean with even more effective results without having to increase the pressure.

Washing efficiency, reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance: these are the guidelines that Biemmedue has followed to design its range of professional high-pressure cleaners.

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The objective of Biemmedue is the constant search for the best performances in all models of high-pressure cleaners that are produced, in order to always be a reference point for professional cleaning worldwide in terms of quality and efficiency.

Biemmedue high-pressure cleaners, with hot or cold water, can be used both in a domestic environment and for industrial use. The wide range of Arcomat products is ideal for many uses and applications:

  • Washing means of transport (cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships, planes)
  • Professional washes (sports centers, baths, fruit and vegetable markets, farms)
  • Agriculture (cleaning equipment / tools, decontamination systems, livestock cooling).
  • Food industry (bakeries and bakeries, butchers, dairies, cellars, sanification, livestock hygiene).
  • Construction and shipbuilding (painters, decorators, shipbuilding, sandblasting, pleasure craft, graffiti removal, mechanical equipment)
  • Manufacture (metallurgical industry, label removal, conveyor belt cleaning, debarking)
  • Local services (condominiums, transport, cleaning companies, sidewalks and roads, municipal entities)
  • Industrial processes (cleaning vehicles and equipment, perforation)
  • Domestic use (houses, houses, gardens, paths, garages, ...)

Biemmedue is not only a national leader in the field of industrial cleaning, but exports its products all over the world, offering that made in Italy quality synonymous with excellence and efficiency.