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The Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, is a leading industrial company worldwide in the field of professional dehumidification and home dehumidification with its product line from the Arcodry brand.

The Biemmedue dehumidification machines are synonymous with excellence and Made in Italy quality (production takes place in Piedmont, in Cherasco), products with Italian design and functional technology resulting from experience and professionalism: compact and elegant design, versatility of the models, functional mechanics and advanced electronics of the machines, silence and efficiency even at low temperatures and humidity, resistance and low consumption are the most important characteristics of all Arcodry products dedicated to dehumidification.

Biemmedue dehumidifiers are autonomous machines, operating without the need for installation, simply by connecting them with a plug to the electrical network, so as to make the user experience as functional and simple as possible.

The dehumidifiers are appliances that have the function of reducing the humidity level of the air and, consequently, in the environments.

They can be used for hygienic reasons:

  • humidity too high: it can lead to the development of mold and bacteria and to a consequent damage to health and damage to materials and environments
  • humidity too low: can lead to dehydration or deformation of objects and materials

It is therefore essential to have a relative humidity in both domestic and industrial and public environments, so as to have optimal conditions of habitability.

Biemmedue dehumidifiers, by absorbing the excessive humidity of the air, solve these problems. They can be used in shops and offices, in the construction, industrial, food, agricultural, material storage areas, in the wellness and fitness sector, in sports facilities and in wellness and wellness centers.

The dehumidifier produced by Biemmedue consists of a closed circuit containing an ecological refrigerating fluid, having the following main elements (fig.1):

  • compressor: determines the circulation of the refrigerant fluid
  • condenser: in this element, physically similar to the car radiator, the fluid in the gaseous state, pushed by the compressor, turns into liquid, giving off heat; this heat heats the condenser itself
  • capillary tube: in this element the fluid, which has become liquid, expands, reducing its pressure,
  • evaporator: in this element, which also consists of a battery similar to the car radiator, the liquid is transformed into gas, subtracting heat and consequently cooling the evaporator. The refrigerant fluid returned to gas, continues its path through the compressor and the cycle begins again.

The air to be dehumidified is pushed through the dehumidifier by a fan by first going through the evaporator (cold) and then the condenser (hot).


The operating cycle of the dehumidifier is as follows:

  • the air passes over the surface of the evaporator, where it cools down, depositing the excess moisture, which turns into drops of water falling into the collecting tank.
  • Subsequently, the air passes through the condenser, where it regains some degrees of temperature and is re-introduced into the driest and hottest environment, thus contributing, in the mix that is determined in time, to lower the level of humidity of the environment, until when the desired values re reached.

When the ambient temperature is below certain values (15 ° / 18 ° C), the evaporator surface temperature descends in turn causing formation of ice that limits the passage of air, compromising the proper functioning of the system.

To avoid this possible problem, except for the DR80 model, the automatic defrosting function is provided, which consists in the possibility of heating the evaporator when the probe detects too low temperatures. In this case, by means of a by-pass valve, the compressor directly injects the gas into the evaporator, without passing through the condenser, determining an increase in temperature.

The by-pass circuit closes automatically when the probe detects a higher temperature and the dehumidification cycle resumes normally.

It is important to note that this defrosting system guarantees the return to the perfect efficiency of the dehumidifier after a few seconds; moreover it is the only defrosting system that allows the full efficiency of the dehumidifier even with very low air temperatures to be dehumidified (below 8/10 ° C)