This family includes space heaters that cannot be considered completely mobile and for emergency use because they all require minor installation work.

They are normally used for traditional heating (warehouses, industrial sheds, laboratories, factories, etc.) and, thanks to the low cost of the investment, they are an excellent alternative to conventional heating plants.

These heaters have a vertical structure and are all with indirect combustion, using a heat exchanger that expels fumes through a chimney connected to the outside.

Therefore, they can be operated in closed rooms.

On the other hand, they have efficiency of about 90% due to the heat lost through the chimney.


This family includes:

diesel-fuelled, with integrated burner, tank, and thermostat. This compact heater can be used in small spaces such as restaurants, churches, conference rooms or garages, machine shops, laboratories, etc., and can be moved easily whenever necessary

CONFORT: diesel-fuelled with separate burner, integrated tank and thermostat. They are fit with a centrifugal fan which, in addition to being very quiet, ensures greater pressure, a feature recommended for installations with ducts or in very long buildings.

SP: powered by diesel, LPG or methane, with separate burner. These models are all fit with a centrifugal fan and are used primarily where large volumes of air must be moved and/or there are large areas to be heated. Thanks to various accessories, they are easily configured for all types of applications, both channelled and unchannelled

Cristian Montà