Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, province of Cuneo, Piedmont, spends much energy in the production and distribution of industrial cleaning products in its line called Arcomat. Of great importance in the field of industrial cleaning is dedicated to high pressure cleaners, whose effectiveness, reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance are the guidelines that Biemmedue has followed to design its range of professional high pressure cleaners.

Biemmedue MAGNUM SERIES is a high pressure cold and high pressure industrial high pressure cleaner with 22 HP Honda GX690 engine designed for high pressure, high flow and high reliability workmanship, as required by industry and professional realities. The MAGNUM 500/15 4S is assembled on a robust Powder Coated Tubular Frame and AISI 430 stainless steel bushing with 4 hooks for lifting

Watch the MAGNUM 500/15 4S video

Watch the MAGNUM 500/15 4S video

This high pressure cleaner high pressure washer replaces the use of traditional tools and tools with the power of water jet in both naval, industrial and building maintenance (restoration of plaster, bricks, etc) and to reduce time and improve its quality of the interventions.

Why have her in the yard?

MAGNUM replaces the classic high pressure cleaners that fail to perform professional workmanship due to power failure. MAGNUM 500/15 4S warrants electric high pressure cleaners that need a power of 15 kW or more and therefore can not always connect to the power grid or a generator for power limits (especially during the starting phase).

MAGNUM costs less time: quality of materials, anti-corrosive treatments, pump type and performance make the machine extremely convenient and reliable over time.

The MAGNUM 500/15 4S high pressure washer powered by the 22 HP 22-hp, two-stroke Honda GX690 engine, electric starter and forced air cooling.


The Biemmedue MAGNUM High Pressure Cleaner is primarily aimed at the business sector in the construction, shipbuilding, steelworks and iron foundries (steel and metalworks) or energy industries and in general where it is necessary to use extremely powerful equipment in terms of pressure and flow.
The main applications are to be found in removing paint, rust, graffiti from both steel and concrete surfaces, removal of mortars and plaster, removal of marine deposits and deposits, sandblasting and bridging of bridges , in agriculture and in the water-milling.