Good news on the job and employment fronts for the city of Cherasco, in the Province of Cuneo, a very important business area in Piedmont, in the heart of Langhe and Roero.

Biemmedue SpA, a company owned by the Costamagna family, World Leader in the production of hot air generators, industrial cleaning machines and dehumidifiers, with its Arcotherm heating lines, Arcomat industrial cleaning and Arcodry dehumidification, is scheduled to start in 2018, the opening of a new production facility dedicated to the Arcomat line, which deals with the design and manufacture of professional cleaning machines such as high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and multi-sprayers.

To confirm and outline the outlines and implications of this important investment is ing. Marco Costamagna, CEO of the company, explains: "Over the last decade, Cherasco's production site has been specialized and dedicated to the Arcotherm line of Biemmedue, namely the design and production of hot air generators, the core business of 'company. At the same time, however, in order to bring down the seasonality of this line of products, we have developed and continued the expansion and development of the Arcomat line, which deals with industrial cleaning machines through acquisitions of companies in the sector. 2005 the Batclean srl of Portogruaro (VE), specialized in the design and production of high pressure cleaners and sweepers, then in 2013 the Solo Srl srl of Codogno (LO), specialized in vacuum cleaners and multi-brushes. By doing so, maintaining common functions such as management, administration, sales, etc., in Cherasco, we have been able to create a complete offer in this highly competitive sector, but at the same time with great potential for growth, especially abroad, so that in production sites detached you have come up with a problem of space, logistics and organization. To solve this, the most natural solution for our family, always linked to the Piedmont area, has been to join the production sites in a single large plant (6000 m2) adjacent to the headquarters of Cherasco (CN) of Biemmedue SpA "


Continue Costamagna "At the beginning of 2017 we planned to move the two production sites and in these months we are adapting the new plant to our production needs, installation of assembly lines, storage warehouses, etc. all will end by the end of 2017, so that it will be operational at the beginning of 2018 for a total investment, excluding the property, quantifiable in approximately € 2,000,000. "

This Biemmedue project will also have great repercussions at the workplace: "The current 110 employees in Cherasco (CN) will be employed and 40 new jobs will be created in the new production site BM2 in the design, production and logistics sectors. , as well as strengthening the current staff, it is necessary to replace some workers currently employed in the detached offices that can not move due to the distance and for which we have already put in place all the possible actions to try to create them less discomfort possible and to ensure that most of them can be relocated back to their territory by the end of 2017. "

Eng. Costamagna in his exhibition always designates as the first activity: "It is crucial to compete in international markets with a 100% made in Italy production, to invest in research and development in order to seek innovative and cutting-edge technical solutions. Also for this new site we have envisaged a large space dedicated to research and development, equipped with the latest prototyping, test and development technologies. "

Biemmedue continues its growth, still strongly linked to the Origin Land, the Piedmontese and, more specifically, the one of the Langhe and Roero, which decides to keep it as a benchmark for its production and to focus on its development with a new Establishment that will lead this Leader company in heating, cleaning and dehumidification to grow further and continue the development path that allows it to keep up with the times and to confirm more and more reference point of the Italian and international market.

Here are the reasons that today make Biemmedue one of the world's most important manufacturing companies in the field of equipment serving the companies.