arcotherm biemmedue

Biemmedue, a company in Cherasco, province of Cuneo, World Heating Leader with the BM2 Arcotherm brand line, often receives requests for intervention from builders and construction executives in search of temperature control solutions.

The Arcotherm line of Biemmedue has dedicated heating and building products to buildings and events and is therefore a reference point for all manufacturers, contractors and contractors working in the field of construction.

It was the time when a yard could be stopped during the cold season. Today the margins are tight.

On the other hand, too low temperatures reduce performance on site and may cause frost damage to the material.

Heating a site is therefore an indispensable requirement for efficient and accurate work execution even at low temperatures.

Biemmedue is able to find the best solution for every need; In this case with a dedicated line of products dedicated exclusively to the construction world with models specifically designed to provide hot air in large spaces.

Biemmedue hot air generators can operate independently for hours, even under difficult conditions, with the possibility to place them inside or outside the building depending on fuel and safety standards.

Biemmedue also has a complete line of dehumidifiers designed specifically for shipyards and minimizes the damage caused by excessive humidity.

The heaters and dehumidifiers can work in parallel to quickly and efficiently dry the entire site, helping you to meet the working times set by you.