arcomat biemmedue

Biemmedue, the leader in industrial cleaning with its line of Arcomat cleaning products, has a large catalog that consists of many lines that meet a wide range of cleaning needs for a bodywork, and more generally, workshop work .

We have RC remote aspirators, to match the power tools.

Their use is crucial because they help keep the working environment clean, preserving the air by reducing the amount of residues that may affect the quality of the paint.

We also produce sweeping sweepers and scrubbing floor cleaners. For sheet pre-treatment we have developed the range of high pressure cleaners, useful for sandblasting and rust removal.

One of these hydropluggers is the Magnum 515, a machine equipped with an explosive engine that reaches 500 atmospheres of pressure spit water and sand. In addition to the cleaning part, we also produce hot air generators ideal for garages.

These are mobile systems that use an infrared technology or technology, which is essential for sheet drying in the event of spot or partial repairs.

The use of these hot air generators allows the bodybuilder to keep the oven off, reducing the cost of "minor" repairs, without penalizing the speed or quality of the operation.