Biemmedue, a Piedmontese company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, manufactures hot air generators of the Arcotherm line for professional heating.

They are quality products and strong use, which make Biemmedue a world leader in the field of heating thanks to professional hot air generators suitable for emergency heating even at very low temperatures in different areas of use.

The Arcotherm line includes the GE direct-combustion hot air generators, which have the following technical characteristics:

  • Built-in oil burner 
  • Electronic flame-control 
  • Safety thermostat 
  • Set to be connected to a thermostat or a humidistat or a timer 
  • Power cord (1,5 m) with plug
  • AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber; with three smoke revolutions
  • Automatic post ventilation of unit 
  • Fuel feed lines in hydrocarbon resistant rubber, whit a reiforced textile (GE 20, GE 36, GE 46) or metal sheath( GE 65, GE 105) 
  • Tank in tough hydrocarbon resistant polythene (GE 20, GE 36, GE 46) or steel (GE 65, GE 105) 
  • Bayonet-type fuel tank cap 
  • Fuel tank drain plug
  • Electric control panel


The GE products of the Arcotherm line from Biemmedue are high-performance direct-combustion hot air generators that supply a large quantity of hot air wherever it is needed.

The Biemmedue offer includes 5 GE models with various characteristics and thermal powers.

These hot air generator models are very versatile, extremely easy and light to carry thanks to the practical handle and integrated trolley, and require very simple and immediate maintenance.

They are ideal for heating well-ventilated rooms such as workshops, construction sites, garages or factories.

A powerful fan is used to force the air through the combustion chamber where the burner is located.

As the air passes through the burner, the heat produced by the combustion process is transferred to the airflow ensuring 100% thermal efficiency.