Biemmedue develops and produces systems for controlling heating energy efficiency for application in agricultural greenhouses and gardens.jpg

In the farming sector most of the work is tied and conditioned by the temperature. A perfect climate is needed to enable growers to operate and produce in optimum conditions, thus avoiding waste of money, products and time.

Inside a greenhouse or garden it is necessary to ensure that the factors that influence plant and vegetable development are adequate. Air conditioning regulates the concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 and oxygen, temperature, humidity, brightness, along with other factors, which must be present in a balanced and correct manner.

Biemmedue, a leading Piedmont company in the global warming industry, is aware that farmers and farmers must be very careful about their greenhouse production due to the impact that climate and temperature have on plant growth. If moisture is too high, water droplets may form on the leaves leading to the formation of mushrooms and bacteria or, in the case of too high heat, there is a risk of development and, consequently, the sale of growth of fruits and vegetables. Not only that: the external conditions of the greenhouse also have a negative impact on the natural ventilation process.

Biemmedue wants to offer all growers the ideal solution to ensure a perfect climate and optimal production with the professional Arcotherm heating products dedicated to agriculture, to ensure perfect climate conditions for plant growth.

The goal is to achieve a high yield in the production and quality of the products to be developed, even if the environmental conditions are not favorable. This is because BM2 is able to recreate favorable environmental conditions and thus help all growers in their productions.

Biemmedue hot air generators provide effective and immediate solutions for greenhouse heating. Smaller footprint and the ability to attach hot air generators to the greenhouse structure will allow installation of this product in any room. Equipped with wheels or supplied with special supports, the BM2 hot air generators are easily transportable.

All Biemmedue hot air generators are designed and built to produce the most with both fuel and power consumption.
The high average hot air flow means that they are indispensable for use in greenhouses and gardens.