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Biemmedue, a company based in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, World Heating Leader with its Arcotherm range of products, while not closely involved in house heating and heating, is always very attentive to its customers and their needs. Today, I dedicate this article to a very important topic, namely saving on heating costs.

We start from a certain point: most Italian homes consume too much energy for heating because they are built without considering energy efficiency.

The first suggestion for who is still or is building a new home is to use the new construction and plant technologies that will lower the heating consumption by as much as 30-40%, while maintaining maximum comfort conditions. Even those who have an old home can adapt it to save on heating. At present it is very convenient to carry out energy redevelopment, as 65% of the costs incurred can be deducted from the IRPEF.

However, those who are not planning to carry out energy redevelopment work can still consider some of the key issues in heating.

Many Italians have thought that it is possible to save on heating using the time bands. Let's blow up this myth: that's not true.

We begin with a certainty: gas does not pay for time bands, as it happens with the light that can be handled at bioreline rates. Gas has a single cost valid every hour of the day and night without any difference, as the price to pay for the standard cubic meter is exactly the same.

It is very clear therefore that the time band method does not work for heating and its cost. Of course, you can "help yourself" by going off when there is nobody in the house, but this is a savings that has nothing to do with the time bands.

In house heating, however, is a good news: we are talking about thermostatic valves: thanks to this new system, it is possible to regulate the room temperature and to prevent the automatic ignition of the radiators in unused or temporarily unused rooms.

It is not at all a little: in economic terms, the correct use of these valves leads to a saving of 7% per annum. In addition, thermostatic valves have become mandatory in public and private buildings with centralized heating, according to the Decree Law 102/2014, in implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27 / EU.