Heating and dehumidification to ensure work in industry and construction sites even during colder seasons.jpg

Winter is inexorably coming, and temperatures are dropping more and more. For some sectors, this poses a great problem which can cause delays and reduce performance; for example, the construction industry.

The times when construction sites could be stopped or even “slowed down” during winter when workers could not work due to the cold weather, are over. Nowadays, margins are too low and this is no longer possible. Increasingly approaching due dates need to be met, while maintaining high quality levels, and this does not allow down times.

Therefore, the need for heating in construction sites becomes evident, not just to help the workers, but also to prevent low temperatures from causing freeze damages to materials which are used and should not be wasted.

Heating of construction sites is therefore indispensable for an efficient and accurate execution, even at low temperatures. Furthermore: dehumidifying is also fundamental to ensure the completion of the site in the least amount of time.

The construction industry represents a reference market which is very important to Biemmedue Company in Piemonte with head office in Cherasco in the Province of Cuneo, not far from Milan, Cuneo and Turin, for which heating and dehumidifying comprise two principal sectors of its activity, with its own professional Arcotherm and Arcodry products.

Biemmedue professional warm air generators allow sites to have modern heaters, perfectly functional and always respectful of safety and current regulations. Also, Biemmedue ensures optimal individual heating solutions per each particular need, because every site is different from others.

An important aspect in the choice of the correct product to heat a site, is the possibility of use under difficult conditions. All Biemmedue products are highly versatile and characterized by a relatively contained price, and above all, by the fact that they are installation-free. For this reason, they are fundamental elements in the construction industry, in rentals, for small construction professionals and for individual brick/tile layers.

In addition to increasing the ambient temperature, Biemmedue generators allow work to continue even at low temperatures and to accelerate various processes.

The products are generally single-combustible machines (gasoline or gas), with wheels and/or handles for maneuverability, which can be supplied with different accessories for various application, according the needs of the client.

In the construction sector, there is also another factor consider: waiting for the drying process to happen naturally is often unfeasible, given the necessary testing times and subsequent delays, especially in winter when the temperatures are too low to allow perfect drying. Therefore, it is imperative to find effective solutions to resolve this type of problem.

Biemmedue offers professional dehumidifying products, capable of controlling the temperature and humidity in an independent manner. All of Biemmedue’s Arcodry dehumidifiers are designed to ensure humidity control according to individual needs, thereby making it possible to meet set deadlines.