This family includes mobile space heaters for temporary mobile or emergency heating, outdoors or indoors, at a relatively low price and, most important, without the need for installation. These heaters are easy to handle and move, they are sturdy, reliable, and flexible, making them perfect for the construction sector (yards, building projects, etc.) and in temporary structures or shelters (tents, technical structures, etc.). These are generally single-fuel- fired products (diesel or gas) with wheels and/or handles, and fitted with accessories for a wide variety of applications.


This family includes fix or suspended space heaters for agriculture and breeding applications. They solve numerous problems in heating of structures such as greenhouses and stalls, where an inexpensive investment is a priority. In general, these heaters have hooks or brackets for installation on the ceiling and/ or a support for installation on the ground. The burner can be integrated or separate. Heaters with integrated burner are not recommended for use in spaces that are dusty, dirty, or low in oxygen, whereas those with separate burner can be used in these types of spaces provided a sheath is connected to the burner with a snorkel intake to pull in fresh air from the outside.

This family includes space heaters that cannot be considered completely mobile and for emergency use because they all require minor installation work. They are normally used for traditional heating (warehouses, industrial sheds, laboratories, factories, etc.) and, thanks to the low cost of the investment, they are an excellent alternative to conventional heating plants. These heaters have a vertical structure and are all with indirect combustion, using a heat exchanger that expels fumes through a chimney connected to the outside. Therefore, they can be operated in closed rooms. On the other hand, they have an efficiency of about 90% due to the heat lost through the chimney.