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 Hot air generators are professional equipment which, through combustion, produces the heat needed to heat different sized rooms, even when traditional heating systems are not sufficient or not sufficient.

The hot air generators Biemmedue, a leading global company in the field of heating, based in Cherasco, Piedmont, with its Arcotherm line of products, are available with diesel, LPG, methane and electric power and are suitable for heating every environment in a fast and effective way, both as a fixed and temporary source of heat.

The Arcotherm line by Biememdue, dedicated to professional heating, includes hot gas generators, hot air generators, diesel oil and electric hot air generators. Moreover, they can be fixed or mobile, allowing their use in different sectors.

The quality of the materials used and the variety of the offer in products for professional and industrial heating are the basis of the success of Biemmedue products in the world.

All Biemmedue hot air generators are controlled and meet very high safety standards: both floor and wall units are subject, from the design phase to production and commissioning, to strict European standards and strict testing. This guarantees their absolute safety and functionality.

Having its headquarters in Piedmont, Biemmedue is aware that in this region of Northern Italy the agriculture and livestock sector is very important and needs continuous steps forward and new technologies to continue to be always effective and functional.

For this reason, many energies are concentrated to develop products for heating dedicated to agriculture and breeding.

This family includes fix or suspended space heaters for agriculture and breeding applications. They solve numerous problems in heating structures such as greenhouses and stalls, where an inexpensive investment is a priority.

In general, these heaters have hooks or brackets for installation on the ceiling and/ or a support for installation on the ground. The burner can be integrated or separate. Heaters with integrated burner are not recommended for use in spaces that are dusty, dirty, or low in oxygen, whereas those with separate burner can be used in these types of spaces provided a sheath is connected to the burner with a snorkel intake to pull in fresh air from the outside.

This family includes: